Portlanders On Camera

Some of the problems Portland faces are the losers committing crimes doing it so brazenly. They don’t care because they know if they are caught, they’ll be released in hours if they even get arrested. Well sometimes we get images from security cameras. Hopefully these pics will add a bit more pressure to the jerks wrecking the city.

These dirtbags are tagging George Morlan Plumbing on SE Foster Rd before moving on to The Gun Room Inc. right next door. Foster is looking quite a bit like Se Powell Blvd. in tagging coverage, with the same tags being repeated up and down both streets. Had enough yet Portland? If you know these people report it to the Portland Police. We’ll make loser criminals famous and get them the attention they so desperately need.

We’ll add more images and videos as we get time to talk to other businesses and residents.

We don’t get paid to do this in any way. Our free time in our neighborhoods talking to residents and businesses is where the content come from. The domain and content & hosting will remain for as long as we can afford to keep it up.