Portland Trash

Another Day In Portland

Portland Problems, they’re real, not fake news.

This is the very same store front I keep checking in SE Portland Oregon, on SE Powell Blvd. this morning. I saw a worker repairing two broken windows, so I pulled over to chat. He asked me to not take pictures of him since he is all around Portland doing break in repairs and doesn’t want to be targeted. No, he doesn’t feel safe in Portland anymore, no one does. I went to the front of the store and it was covered in trash again, same as the last two days. It smelled like burned trash and the shop employee confirmed he had been putting out small fires regularly there and dealing with the junkies who started them.

I was informed by the shop employee today that if fire is involved in an online Police Report you have to call a number (503) 823-3333 and wait for hours. It gets automatically rejected if fire is in the body of the text. Once you get an officer on the other end they will likely take a statement over the phone and assign a case# or send a detective over…… at some point. I was going to post the Portland Police Reporting email response here, but they basically threaten you with legal action. What the hell are they trying to hide?

The moral of the story is Portland has problems, you’re on your own to deal with them.