Illicit Drug Use

The purpose of Measure 110 was supposed to make screening health assessment, treatment and recovery services for drug addiction available to all those who need and want access to those services; and to adopt a health approach to drug addiction by removing criminal penalties for low-level drug possession.

What Measure 110 has done is contrary to it’s intended purpose. Instead of getting people into treatment Portland and Oregon in general has been inundated with the country’s drug addicts looking to score and use drugs with impunity. Our once great state and city has become a literal cesspool of human waste, dirty needles and dead addicts on the streets.

Portland’s Mayor Wheeler has no intention of doing anything that looks like law and order, neither does Portland’s failed District Attorney Schmidt. If anything Measure 110 has emboldened criminals to rob, steal, vandalize, rape and kill with no repercussions at all.

Criminals have been incentivized to come to Portland due to Measure 110 statement of “need or want“. The problem is no one wants treatment they just want to use. If using means they have to trash your property and steal from you then it’s just too bad Mr. and Mrs./non gendered tax payer. You voted it in now suffer it’s abject failure to do anything humanitarian.

If you like drugs Portland is your kinda place! Don’t mind the urine, feces, and vomit when you step over the person laying on the sidewalk, they’re already dead.