Store Theft

Store Theft

Portland Oregon is pretty understanding when it comes to store theft. Basically, people walk in and take what they can get, or want, and just walk out with it unchallenged. I don’t know the reasoning behind this “hands off” approach but I can certainly say it’s a problem. On my way down SE Powell Blvd. I stopped by one of my regular check points and saw this sunflower seed display.

This person must really like sunflower seeds. They took the whole display and ran off with it. Based on it’s proximity to the Plaid Panty on Se Powell Blvd. and SE 21st Ave. I’d venture to say it came from there as I’ve gone in and seen a display similar to it recently.

Two days later I stopped by and saw this Apple box and packaging left under the awning.

When I asked the store worker he said, “They always leave their trash here while they shoot up.”. When pressed he also revealed that it’s pretty much a nightly thing. They steal T.V. sets, clothes, food items, electronics, etc. from local stores and from residents in his neighborhood. Sometimes they steal homeowner’s garbage cans and dump them out by his business doorway to look for empty bottles and cans to return or just because it had wheels on it. These “homeless” people are powered by meth and fentanyl, they don’t think, nor do they care about you or your property.

Please don’t assume I have it out for homeless people. I was one when I got out of the military. Portland isn’t that friendly to prospective renters, especially if you’re ex-military. You were deployed for years, that makes you a baby killer in most of Portland’s eyes. I’m sorta glad I was homeless because I know what it’s like and what the people imagine themselves to be like. I can say with certainty that if you want off the streets you can do it in Portland. Don’t get distracted by the huge drug sub-culture or the business of human trafficking and there are opportunities in Portland a plenty.