This site is about Portland and it’s many problems. For a city that provides High Tech solutions to the world it has some of the dumbest voters and politicians anywhere. You can’t tax your problems away nor can you hug your problems away.

Rampant property crime, human trafficking, open drug use, vagrant homeless junkies from all corners of the country, trash, graffiti, murder, and just about everything else you can imagine. Portland’s voters have turned the city/state into a “shit hole” and it only keeps getting worse. Protests nightly about nothing in particular; it’s more of a night out for entertainment than a call to action for change.

The real question is why they can’t change their course? Keeping Portland Weird is more about identity politics than anything. Don’t swim against the current like a local salmon, follow the mob or be ostracized. Worrying that someone might call you a “Right Winger’ or the dreaded “Racist” on social media forums? For a city trying too hard to be different it’s a complete let down and more of the same. Right, Left or Center.

Portland’s motto is “The City That Works”, never has a statement been so false.

Contact your local police or politician and wake them up so they can get to work.

Contact your local representative about your area. Legislator Lookup (oregonlegislature.gov) File a police report online PPB Online Reporting – Portland, Oregon Police Bureau (portlandoregon.gov) and keep doing it until someone shows up. It might take decades to undo what harm Portland has done to it’s self in the last four to six years.